About Us


Platinum Residential Services Inc. was founded in 2011 by Lorne Rosen in recognition of the need to provide a service to people to take the work out of owning a luxury home.

While Lorne Rosen was in university, he had a summer job cleaning and servicing residential swimming pools. Upon leaving school he started Total Pool & Spa Limited, which became one of the largest, most sought after and successful companies of its type. The company grew quickly, adding services from commercial facilities (Toronto's top condominiums, health clubs and hotels, including "sister" properties as far away as the Caribbean) to those aquatic related services already being provided to some of Toronto's most exclusive residential addresses. This reputation was supplemented with construction and design work on speciality pools and fountains, including some landmark properties in Toronto as well as work in the United States. Through a yearning to learn more about management and operation of his business and client properties, Lorne returned to school and completed his MBA in 2001 at the Schulich School of Business with a major in finance, specializing in property development. In 2006, after working in the swimming pool industry for almost thirty years, Lorne sold his business to a subsidiary of Firstservice Corporation continuing to work for the acquiring company in a senior management role and CFO for two additional years. Upon, completion, Lorne left this company to work as a business/financial consultant in an unrelated service industry.


Platinum Residential Services Incorporated

Over the course of a couple of years, it became apparent to Lorne that there was a much needed service for clients who had become too busy to find the time to maintain increasingly complicated homes. As a result, there were occasional preventable breakdowns, or the homes simply didn't present in a way that was desired by the homeowner. Platinum Residential Services Incorporated was started to address this need. There are three divisions of the company as follows:


to facilitate the provision of all the regular services needed to keep a home running smoothly.

to allow the homeowner to be involved in getting service and repair work done that needs to be done while taking the least amount of time and hassle possible;

to provide the highest attainable service possible for swimming pools, whirlpools and fountains in an industry that, in Lorne's opinion, has always been lacking in the Toronto market.‚Äč


Since being founded in 2011, Platinum has grown to almost 100 clients, the majority of those being serviced by a varied combination of Platinum's divisions.


Company Founder & President.

Lorne Rosen

Mission Statement 

To take the work out of owning a luxury home and allow it to be maintained and serviced in a transparent, comprehensive and professional manner that facilities the minimal involvement of the homeowner.