Aquatic Services


Whether indoor or outdoor, seasonal or year-round, Platinum Residential Services Inc. is committed to providing the highest attainable service to ensure your uninterrupted use and enjoyment of your swimming pool, whirlpool and/or water feature.


Seasonal Services

Our opening service will include everything needed to bring your pool or water feature out of hibernation for the coming summer season. Your opening service can be customized to fit your exact needs, so by the time we leave, your backyard will be ready for summer fun!

Winterizing takes the most skill offered by a service company in this field.  The pool or water feature is cleaned, chemically balanced and all waterlines winterized preparing the structure for the long, cold winter ahead.


Regular (usually weekly) visits are recommended to keep your pool clean, trouble free and ready to use. Our weekly maintenance package is fully customizable, and includes pool vacuuming, chemical maintenance, cleaning the tile line, skimming, brushing and mechanical equipment maintenance; virtually everything you will need to keep your pool clean, safe, reliable and ready to enjoy.

For those special occasions, we will make sure that everything is looking its best when you need it most. We will attend in advance of special functions, seven days a week.

24/7 Repair Services

Our clients enjoy the benefits of "round-the-clock" service should the need arise. Whatever the cause, we will do everything possible to keep your pool in proper working order. The last thing any of us want is a problem preventing the normal use of your pool when you want it most, especially in our relatively short seasons.


Indoor Pools and Water Features

As a year-round service company, your needs will always be met; whether for regular maintenance or the service needed just before the weekend party.

Pool Renovations

With our extensive years of experience, including residential and commercial swimming pool design, construction and service, Platinum can provide recommendations and pricing for changes to your pool or water features. We welcome the opportunity to educate you on the difference between various options for your property to assist in the decision making process. We also have access to some terrific specialists in the related fields to ensure that any information is both the latest available, and that the most current trends have been well proven in the field.

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