Property Management Services




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Platinum Residential Services Inc. will facilitate the smooth operation of your home by creating and managing a custom maintenance program to suit you and the specific needs of your home.

Platinum staff will facilitate all of your regular maintenance tasks using our staff, your regular contractor, or by employing new contractors at your request. We will schedule the work, arrange contractor access to your home and verify the quality of the work. We also review and, if determined feasible, arrange for a change in the scope of maintenance tasks. We will also verify the accuracy of contractor invoices.

Our property management service includes a bi-annual (or more if required) inspection of the property to review areas that may need adjustments in maintenance, improvements or upgrades. If we find that the work can be completed by our in-house staff within these regular inspections (such as the changing of those hard to reach light bulbs), this will be completed at that time, saving considerable expense.

Our property management service cost is entirely dependent on your needs. It is based on the number of services you require and the aggregate time required in facilitating the delivery of these services. In addition, there is a fixed, one time "set up" fee for each home. Once the schedule has been determined, the work is invoiced on a quarterly basis.

Our Most Popular Outdoor Services Include:




Garden maintenance

Window cleaning

Eves cleaning

Power washing surfaces

Adjust timer systems on lights, sprinklers etc

Car detailing

Other services available on request

Automatic gate services

Swimming pool seasonal services

Sprinkler system seasonal services

Light bulb checks

Generator testing

Roof inspection

Our Most Popular Indoor Services Include:




Light bulb checks

Water conditioner/filtration servicing

Ice maker cleaning

Chandelier cleaning

Fish tank servicing

Air filter management

Duct cleaning

Furnace/HVAC seasonal servicing

Elevator servicing

Filters for fridges/appliances

Marble polishing

Exercise equipment servicing

Telephone system servicing

Carpet cleaning

Other services available on request

Emergency Services


As a client of our Property Management Services, Platinum offers 24/7 support and access to the appropriate trades to properly address any issue (utilizing your normal contractors or others as determined by the scope of the situation), all handled by Platinum. Make one call...we will take care of the rest