Upon receiving quotations, we will prepare a summary for your review along with meeting you to discuss and finalize the scope, the different prices and our recommendations.

Once a service providers proposal has been accepted, Platinum will negotiate a reasonable payment schedule that will have the trade meet specific targets in order to take draws. We will schedule a project timeline in accordance with your needs and take care of the minor details such as ensuring adequate protection to your property; entry and lock up procedures and ensuring site clean-up on a daily basis. As the work progresses, Platinum will verify that the scope of the work is being strictly adhered to and will ensure that the worksite is maintained in a clean, safe manner at all times for you family's safety as well as that of the general public and trades.

Our fees for Residential Repair Services are broken down into two categories; hourly charges for general preparation and administrative time and a fixed contract rate (diminishing as the contract value increases). This will be specific to the type of work being done. The trades and suppliers involved will be paid for directly by the client ensuring a completely transparent transaction.


Service Providers - As Platinum sees itself acting on your behalf, we are in no way committed to using specific companies for specific services. We welcome your input in recommending trades for use to ensure a better representative choice of companies pricing against each other. The resultant benefits are:

  • Both Platinum and our clients have benefited by meeting some terrific new companies introduced to us by our clients.
  • Some providers that we have worked with repeatedly have started to lower prices for our clients; both on account of our buying power along with their comfort in knowing who they will deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Whether you need urgent repairs or some elective upgrades on your home, Platinum Residential Services Inc. will be there to represent your interests. We will assist in determining the most representative scope of work, identify reputable experts in the appropriate field, obtain competitive prices, verify insurance coverage, interview references, and ensure accurate, quality work is completed to your expectations. This is a process that you, our client, owns; Platinum is there to carry out your wishes, on your terms, and always on your behalf.


The Platinum Approach 


Whether there is a need for straight forward repairs of a smaller variety, or significant repairs or upgrades to your home, a member of Platinum staff will discuss the objectives of the work with you and determine the best starting approach to meet these goals.


Smaller, Straight Forward Services


Platinum will prepare a scope for this work and seek quotations from different professional service providers in the required field. These would first be trades who you have comfort with from past experience plus, depending on your preference, one or two others to confirm reasonable pricing and scope comment/review.

We  would then meet the trade on site, confirm the scope agreement and obtain pricing. Once a providers quote has been accepted, we will verify that the contractors liability insurance and WSIB (workplace safety) status are in good standing, arrange for the start of the work, verify that the scope is being adhered to or altered only with our knowledge, and confirm timelines are being met. Upon completion, we will review/inspect for adherence to the scope, as well as site restoration and clean up. Throughout the work, Platinum remains the main contact between the trade and you, our client.


Major/Complex Services


Platinum will seek quotations and project scopes from several different professional service providers in the required field from your or our previous experiences of this provider. The next step is to meet the trades on site, review the work objectives and receive their suggestions as to the scope and price estimates.

Residential Repair Services

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Residential Services


While fulfilling all of the necessary maintenance requirements of your home will allow it to operate much more smoothly, it is inevitable that there will be the occasional breakdown, higher maintenance requirements and even improvements required.  Platinum Residential Services will take away the headache of arranging this work in a unique fashion; one call to us and you can relax with the comfort of knowing that your home is in good hands.    

Our Most Popular Residential Repair Service Includes:


Roofs and evestrough repair/replacement

Garbage removal

Swimming pool repairs

Automation system optimization

Heated driveway installation

Bathroom renovation

Power washing

Other services completed on request

Floor finishing

Fence/gate repair/replacement

Light fixture repairs/replacement

Light bulb replacement

Telephone system repair/replacement

HVAC System repair/replacement

Door/Windows repair/replacement

Plumbing/Electrical repairs